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Biryani is a dish, that has always been considered as the food for the royal classes, prepared by khansamas in large quantities, biryanis were meant to be eaten together. An interesting story traces the origins of the dish to Mumtaz Mahal (1593-1631). It is said that once she visited the army barracks, and to mark the occasion of her visit the khansama was directed to prepare a special dish which provided balanced nutrition to all. The khansamas worked for 2-3 days and prepared a wholesome, flavourful dish which consisted of meats, vegetables and rice… and thus, Biryani was born. Over a period of time it became one of the most sought after dishes, each khansama preparing it in his own unique style.


Ensure that you remain the ultimate host at your gatherings, we at Biryani By Kilo, are introducing the unique concept of Angeethi aur Aanch ( provided along with your order every time)...Give the final ( 8-10 min) dum to your biryani at your convenience....just follow the easy directions provided to you.

Hyderabadi / Deccan Biryani

This is called Kutchi Biryani. Kutchi means raw. The process does not adhere to the name Biryani, in Farsi meaning ‘fry before cooking’. Neither the meat, nor the rice are fried before cooking.

Lucknowi / Awadhi Biryani

Lucknowi Biryani is a form of Pukki Biryani. Pukki means ‘cooked’. Both the meat and rice are cooked separately and then layered and Dum cooked. The process also lives up to the name Biryani in Farsi meaning fry before cooking


Our melt in the mouth kebabs, prepared by the khansamas will set the mood for your party’


A rich Mughlai curry (to go with the biryani or ulte tawa ka parantha) made by marinating the main ingredients in yoghurt, cashew paste and fresh ground spices.

Our Story

Biryani By Kilo, a product of Sky Gate Hospitality Pvt. Ltd., is the result of hard work and the labour of love of Kaushik Roy. Being a veteran in the hospitality industry, Kaushik launched his career with Maurya Sheraton in New Delhi 1993. In an enigmatic career span of over two decades, he has been associated with various well known brands like Nirula's, Pizza Express, Mars Restaurants, Pizza Corner, daily bread subsidiary of Britannia and most recently Ammi’s Biryani in South and Dana Choga’s Kitchen (DCK) in the north, while also being associated with SAIF Partners.

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