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Biryani By Kilo, Famous for Biryani, Mughlai in Gurgaon

About Us

Bread, cheese, meat…repeat. There’s more to food than the plain vanilla westernised fast food fare. Sadly that’s all that we look forward to these days, while the crowning jewel of a nation in love with food takes the backstage.

We're here to bring it back.

Biryani came to India from Persian lands, and stayed here to become a part of our cuisine since then. It is definitely not just another dish. It’s a legacy of Khansamas and Ustads passed on as a recipe from family to family through hundreds of years.

Today, it’s the saviour of many an Indians staying in a new state. It’s the taste of celebration in Indian households, offices and of course our own living rooms surrounded by family, friends and that boss we want to impress.

Biryani By Kilo (BBK) brings to your doorstep the authentic taste of Kuchi and Pukki biryani prepared in individual earthen Handis with the freshest ingredients. The former, a culinary icon of Hyderabad and the latter a well-kept Lucknowi Royal secret.

Alongside delivering a royal feast to your doorstep, BBK decided to take the Biryani experience a notch higher with handmade earthenware of Handis and Angeethis. Each Biryani is cooked individually & fresh in the same Handi as it is served to you.

A sure shot attention grabber at every gathering, our mini Angeethis provide those extra 8-10 minutes of dum to your Biryani right before serving, and it gives the perfect smoky flavour and aroma of spices when you dig in to your biryani. For the Galoti Kebabs, BBK minces the meat multiple times, and marinates them in the most authentic way, to make them surely melt in your mouths & hearts.

All this and much needed discipline, experience and passion to encapsulate the traditional culinary heritage of generations come from the founder Kaushik Roy. Kaushik, with an experience of over two decades in F&B industry and operating over 200 restaurants so far, found a complimenting partner in Vishal Jindal.

Vishal Jindal, a diehard foodie with vast entrepreneurial and scaling up expertise, across different businesses & geographies. As a testament to the combined experience and passion, the duo plan to serve the Best Biryani, Kebabs & Indian Culinary Heritage to consumers in India & the world.

Keeping in sync with the spirit of meaningful innovation, BBK goes a step further in the Food Tech and Delivery space by holistically inculcating a pro-active social cause in its business model. All our earthenware Handis are crafted by hand at Kumhaara Gram on the outskirts of Delhi. We cut out the middle man and provide sustainable employment to the craftsmen and artisans.

The entire team at BBK is committed to serving you the most authentic, fresh and hygienic-biryanis and kebabs. We maintain the highest quality control measures while choosing our meat, rice and spices and combine it with modern processes and technologies. While making you happy with our biriyanis, kormas, and entire range of kebabs, we plan to feed the entire nation and the world with Delhi NCR’s favourite biryani soon.

It’s about time we rediscovered the real heritage of our nation in love with its food and its timeless royal traditions. It’s time to indulge in an ancient blend of spices fused with culinary art. It’s time to order a royal feast by the kilo.

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