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A feast for every occasion: Why Biryani is the answer to all your festive needs this Winter!

A feast for every occasion: Why Biryani is the answer to all your festive needs this Winter!

They say summers are warm. I believe with the right food, you can make winters warmer!

Fiza Patel, a well-known nutritionist claims that biryani, if cooked with right oil choices, serves to be the healthiest food of its kind. With winter festivities around the corner, what better to celebrate with than a healthy sumptuous biryani!

On a cold festive evening, what gives a smile to most of our faces apart from gifts and lights? It’s good food! Which means that food for every special occasion has to be just perfect for everyone around. Biryani is a classic that way! It works well for everyone on the table – be it the uncles and aunties, the kids in the family or the pack of your best buddies. It’s such a diverse dish that over 50 different types of biryani are famous in India and abroad. The biryani mania in our country is fanatical. In some cities, one can find a biryani junction almost at every street or corner. If you visit cities like Hyderabad, Lucknow, or Kolkata, you can actually feel the fervour people have for biryani.

Festival it is? Let’s have Biryani!

Biryani can be paired with almost any festive occasion. Don’t believe us? Read on.

  • When its Durga Pooja time, in the month of October, Kolkata Style Biryani is a meaty delicacy for Bengalis! It makes for a delish dish amidst lip-smacking fish preparations and rossogollas.
  • On Diwali, biryani goes well with the late evening festivities – be it cooked especially at home or a biryani home delivered. The rich and aromatic fragrance of the dish is rather more pleasant to have around the house than the burning firecrackers and hazardous smoke outside.
  • One can just not beat the appeal of the alluring aromas of biryani. As an add-on for the millennial bunch, biryani also pairs terrifically well with beer. Mumbaikars even have a name for it – they call it ‘Beer-yani’. Extending their love for this food-beverage duo to pop-culture, many even host Festive Parties.
  • When enthusiasts keep pouring into their mugs and order party food online, this celebration of the flavours of biryani and beer is the place to be – inviting even more aficionados to come together for a Christmas or New Year’s Eve.

Why Biryani makes the winter happier and healthier?

Our daadi maas and naani maas are often found going gaga over the benefits of desi ghee and dry fruits in winters. Yet, we being the customary rebels that we are, avoid taking their advice. But imagine this. You can get the nutrition of ghee, cashews, raisins, prunes, almonds, etc. in a yummy meal. On top of that, it is fully loaded with your favourite chicken, garnished nicely in an earthen pot, just the way your grandma would serve it. Well, irresistible, right! Good luck finding any leftovers.

There are a lot of new varieties added to the family of biryanis. Kathal (jackfruit) biryani is one of those. In the lazy season of winters, jackfruit is considered to be an energy booster which is rich in carbohydrates, minerals and fibre, therefore, a fitting prime ingredient for one of those must-have versions of biryani.

Egg, the ‘superfood’ of winters, has a warm essence and nine essential amino acids to suffice all your bodily needs in the season. So, an egg biryani, accompanied by a spicy ‘mirch ka saalan’ makes perfect sense to quench your timely or untimely hunger pangs.

Also, Lucknowi Chicken Biryani which is known to be the best chicken biryani elicits its amazing taste from a range of herbs and spices put in the dish. There is the fragranced saffron, the fresh coriander leaves, alongside the likes of cumin, coriander, cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom and so on to give you a mouthful of varied flavours of the much-needed edibles of the season.

So, just order biryani online from Biryani By Kilo already! Wrap yourself in a blanket and gulp away the delicious serving. Eat this hot, freshly-prepared, flawless biryani to make your festivals and gatherings feel warmer, and your winters more memorable.

Side notes: while you finish reading this piece, I am super-tempted to order a tummy-filling Chicken biryani near me!