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Indian Korma and Its Popular Varieties

Indian Korma and Its Popular Varieties

The culinary royalty of Mughalai food is incomplete without korma. The richness, detail and premium ingredients that go into making korma are nothing less than a celebration on a plate. The aroma and texture of a well-cooked korma can make you hungry for a taste, no matter how full you may be.

Combining a mildly sweet taste with a good spice level is the defining recipe for a traditional korma. The striking balance between flavours is what makes the dish unique and popular. For korma preparation, the meat/vegetables are first marinated with an assorted spice mix. Then, the richly flavoured meat/vegetables are gently cooked in creamy and aromatic gravy. Read ahead to know more…

History of korma

Before getting obsessed with the goodness of Korma, let us learn about its historical emergence. Notably, korma has a vital significance in the Mughlai food spread. The dish's name comes from the Urdu word, which means to braise. Notably, braising is cooking a slice of tough meat or vegetable in flavoured liquid until it gets a succulent and juicy result. The roots of this culinary experiment can be traced back to as old as 16th-century Indian Mughal rule. It was exclusive to the elite and celebratory meals.

Traditionally, Indian korma was consumed as a part of the main course. It was served with an assortment of rich, soft and delectable flatbread or as a gravy accompaniment to biryani/pulao.

Popular korma varieties

Over time, various cooks and chefs have adapted korma recipes to various forms and types. However, the real essence of the dish lies in the cooking method and its authenticity. It is a real, lasting legacy that has maintained the high standards of Indian cuisine. Since the Indian subcontinent is diversely large, you can find numerous varieties of korma within the country. Let us closely examine each of them and see what makes them different.

Kashmiri korma

The crown of India holds immensely crucial cultural significance. In culinary matters, you can find ample exotic dishes with a punch of Kashmiri richness. The korma originating from the state is known for mildly spiced yet rich gravy with the most tenderly cooked meat. The dish is more commonly loved by non-vegetarian palates.

Shahi korma

In the simplest terms, 'shahi' translates to royal. But, what is it about a classic korma that can be royal? Traditionally, the recipe was popular amongst emperors. Their cooks added generous amounts of dry fruits to the dish to make it a fine delicacy. Today's variations also use fresh cream and authentic ghee (clarified butter) in the recipe. With these mild modifications, you can transform even a simple veg korma into a feast.

Chicken korma

If you prefer flavourful and thick gravies, then chicken korma may be your ideal choice. This variation's defining characteristic is the curry's richness and spice. You will find a deliciously planned use of authentic spices and premium dry fruits blended in the gravy. The indulging texture of the gravy also makes it an ideal choice for consuming by itself. It will surely provide you with a flavourful and wholesome feeling of satiety.

Hyderabadi korma

Hyderabad is nothing less than a paradise for foodies. The city has birthed some of the most iconic and unforgettable dishes loved throughout the country. One such invention is the meaty and spicy Hyderabadi korma. The dish's highlight is the prominent use of coconut milk and onion in the gravy. This combination brings an unusual yet appetising burst of flavours.

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