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What is kebab & different types of kebabs in India?

What is kebab & different types of kebabs in India?

Who doesn't love a soft, toothsome and flavourful delicacy? Kebabs are a go-to choice if you enjoy a bite-size snack to accompany your biryani or naan. These melt-in-mouth delicacies are prepared of spiced meats or vegetables roasted or grilled on skewers. You can opt for these as a wholesome and flavourful addition to your palette. When combined with green mint chutney and finely sliced onions, you will surely experience heaven on a plate.

What is a Kebab?

Kebab is a popular meat dish that become popular all around the world.The continuous and slow cooking flames give them a smokey flavour, which elevates the richness of the ingredients used. Traditional use of tandoor ensures an overall and even distribution of flavours in the kebab.

The taste and defining aroma of kebabs are famous all around the world. But are you aware of the origin of this fan favourite? You will be surprised to learn that there is no single source of origin of this dish. Many believe that its roots lie in the Persian region.

On the other hand, historians may also refer to Turkey as the inventor of kebabs. The overall Middle East and Mediterranean areas also rose to fame for their culinary invention. Regardless of the foundation, the popularity of kebab dishes is a synonym for universal deliciousness.

Different Types of Kebabs

Now that we know of the defining characteristics of this refined delicacy let us explore the various varieties that are available. Each variation has a key component that makes it different from the others. If you are looking for a diversely adventurous taste test, try out each of these types. Your tastebuds will crave more after this fulfilling experience.

Galouti kebab

When you mention 'kebab's, the first picture that comes to anyone's head is of a delicious and delicate indulgence dipped in spicy and minty chutney. This flavourful essence of galouti kebab makes it the most popular kebab dish. The origin of this scrumptious delicacy can be traced back to the royal reign in Lucknow. This mouthwatering delicacy gained notoriety in the land of the Nawabs due to its exquisite flavour and luscious texture.

The defining trait of this recipe is the thorough and deep mincing of meat, predominantly mutton, with rich and aromatic spices. The traditional mutton galouti kebab was known to contain about 160 spices. Quite unbelievable, right? These kebabs are the best dish if you want to try something with strong flavours yet delicate textures.

Seekh kebab

In Turkish, 'seekh' literally means a sword. Can you now guess what seekh kebab would signify? Using long and sharp skewers to cook spiced meat over slow heat popularised this dish by its name. The tandoor or heat source used to cook the dish gives it an exotic and smoky taste. The kebab's small, lean, cylindrical shape makes it a bite-sized treat, power-packed with rich flavours. Chicken seekh kebab is a fan favourite because of its savoury and meaty taste.

Vegetable kebab

A tasteful amalgamation of multiple sources inspires the diverse Indian kebab recipes that we know and adore. Although the original compositions focus on meat-based preparations, the Indian variations strategically use vegetarian alternatives as well. A well-prepared veg kebab platter serves the essence of an authentic kebab dish without compromising your dietary preferences.

A sophisticated choice of premium veggies goes into making the tastiest vegetable kebab dishes. You may also find a tastefully selective topping of dry fruits that enhances the richness of the recipe. It is also an ideal choice for health-conscious folks due to its nutritional benefits.

Chicken kebab

If you are looking to spice up your chicken intake, try having a chicken kebab. Meaty and selectively cut pieces of tender chicken are marinated in a flavoured yoghurt mix. You can find a large variety of exotic spices in the mix. Then, the chicken pieces are threaded onto skewers and cooked over charcoal. This steady cooking process gives a rich and unforgettable taste that will keep you coming back for more.

Paneer tikka kebab

Most people may have a hard time differentiating between a tikka and a kebab. But why not get the best of both in one dish? Chunky pieces of paneer immersed in a spiced yoghurt marinade give a unique taste to your daily protein. Many argue that paneer is merely a substitute to compensate for the meatiness of a chicken or mutton kebab. A well-cooked paneer kebab has a defining taste that can't compare to any other dish.

Final words

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