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What makes chicken biryani so tasty?

What makes chicken biryani so tasty?

Chicken biryani is one of India's most popular dishes, and it is believed that the Mughals were the first to introduce this delicious and flavorful dish in this country. The reason why chicken biryani is so famous is due to the different flavours and the ingredients it carries as well as the nostalgia it evokes as a royal and iconic dish. One of the most common ways to prepare chicken biryani is to layer spiced chicken followed by rice, fried onions, and ghee.

Chicken biryani is so popular across the country that different regions have their own unique style of making the biryani. With its huge popularity it is considered to be a charming treat that people love to enjoy on special occasions. There are several popular versions of Indian chicken biryani that are named after the regions in which it was developed.

Some of the popular biryanis across India are:

  • Lucknowi Biryani - It is prepared in a copper handi, where chicken is cooked partially with a layer of rice at the top and then the pot is sealed wherein the heat inside the pot cooks the biryani.
  • Kolkata Biryani - It is a light spiced biryani with a little rose water where potatoes and egg are one of the key ingredients.
  • Hyderabadi Biryani - Here marinated chicken is cooked along with the rice with the flavor of saffron.
  • Mughlai Biryani - It is a biryani where chicken is cooked with curd, dried fruits, almond paste, ghee and green chilies.

Why do people in India love chicken Biryani so much ?

Chicken biryani is a trademark meal that is appreciated all over India, regardless of which version you try. This heavenly dish satisfies everyone's craving with its unique flavor and variety of ingredients. Biryani is not just another dish as it can be the best thing to eat while enjoying time with family and loved ones.

Cooking style of biryani is so special that it can be mouth watering for anyone who loves it. Aromatic and flavorful basmati rice gives a distinct smell to biryani when cooked with other ingredients.

Things that make chicken biryani so tasty

Biryani is no doubt a delicious food with lots of flavors that also comes with several benefits. Whether you make biryani at home or order it at a restaurant, it will always satisfy your desire for delicious food. The cooking process of chicken biryani is nothing short of a culinary art, and every biryani lover should be aware of what goes into this dish to make it so wonderful. Below are the things mentioned -

  • Cooking style plays an important role in making the chicken biryani so tasty where it is important to cook chicken and rice separately. To make the chicken taste better, it should be marinated 4 to 5 hours in advance. It is crucial to avoid overcooking the rice and to keep it in the appropriate proportion with the chicken.
  • Fried onions are the key ingredient of a chicken biryani as they should be separately cooked in a pan at medium flame. Onions should be fried till they become golden brown as they add authentic flavor to the biryani and make the appearance much pleasing.
  • Cooking biryani in the right pot can make it very much tasty as it should be flat in the bottom and exposed to continuous heat. Pot should be heavy and thick in the bottom which will help in cooking all the ingredients evenly. If the biryani is being cooked in a thin pot then place a tawa under it while cooking as it will evenly distribute the heat.
  • When preparing the biryani, chicken should be cooked early along with gravy before adding the rice. By cooking the chicken and gravy together, all of the spices blend nicely, and the chicken tastes great.
  • Butter, meat stock, edible fragrance, rose water, milk and kewda should be added in the biryani while layering the rice properly over the chicken. These ingredients add a delicious flavor to the biryani and give it a lovely appearance.


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