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Who runs the world? - Biryani !

Who runs the world? - Biryani !

Biryani is hailed as the ideal mood lifter and the perfect reward for almost every good possible thing in the world. There are various intriguing incidents, facts and stories associated with the film industry, sports, and everything around it. It only outwardly speaks about their undying love for biryani. Here we are Sharing some of the most fascinating stories about the love affair between Biryani and Bollywood, Tollywood, sports, marriages and even natural calamities (you read it right!).

With Love
from, Sania Mirza.

It was in 2015, when Shahrukh Khan and team were shooting for the blockbuster Dilwale (directed by Rohit shetty) , Farah Khan being the choreographer on the sets. Though it was just a regular day at shoot, made special by the surprise visit of a very dear friend to SRK and Farah, Sania Mirza. She came to meet her friends like family along with a handi full of hyderabadi biryani, as food is always a special way to express over just words. The whole crew enjoyed and bonded over Biryani that day.

SOS Biryani!

It was in 2013, when Rajnikanth’s KOCHADAIIYAAN was released. It was not sailing well in the theatres clearly, it was then that thalaiva fans organised a massive rally in Bangalore to promote the film. The fans promised free Biryani to the locals for watching the film. Unfortunately Biryani offered as the bait couldn’t save the film from being a box-office disaster. Nonethless, is always more than welcome.

Its Biryani over anything for MS Dhoni!

The Captain of Indian Cricket team, Mahendra Singh Dhoni is a crazy fan of Biryani. Here is the proof, it was in 2014 when the entire team along with BCCI officials were staying in Hyderabad’s ITC Kakatiya. One of the teammates then brought homemade biryani to the hotel, but Kakatiya refused to allow it inside the premises. Dhoni blinded by the love for it, decided to move to Taj Krishna just because of this fiasco along with the entire team and officials. For sure Biryani can make peace and render up wars!

National Shooting Champions turn into hard core Biryani fans.

It was at 59th National Shooting Championship in 2015 at Delhi, where the participants were served the mouthwatering Biryani for lunch. Shooters from all over India were served delicious biryani at nominal prices by Nawab Bhai. Nawabuddin aka Nawab Bhai is the all time favourite when it comes to food at such championships since past 6 years. He himself is a shooter and has participated in over twenty national shooting championships. An eminent shooter and a master chef, he earns fans and respect every year. Thanks to Biryani!

Don’t underestimate the power of Biryani!

A bride in Karnataka, would be indebted to Biryani for saving her from a disastrous matrimony. In 2014, a bride called off her marriage on the account of ruckus and unnecessary drama created by the groom’s family over Biryani. Apparently over 30kg Biryani was sent to Groom’s home but was sent back right away, as they were expecting mutton biryani instead of the veg. Biryani surely carries the power to make or break marriages. (we never knew!)

All the hail the saviour! Biryani

Biryani was the silver lining amongst the dark clouds during the Chennai floods. When a group of volunteers reached out to the affected people with relief packets and food, they refused to accept what was offered to them. The volunteers were serving bland sambar rice, they instead wanted Biryani to satiate their hunger and also to meet the nutrient requirements. Considered as a whole meal, Paradise Biryani then took the initiative to serve meals to the ones who were severely affected by the calamity.

As established through these intriguing incidents, Biryani is just not something to have over lunch. It’s an overall sentiment, culture, feeling and the reason to bring people together over one table. We at BBK understand this sensitivity and the odyssey Biryani has covered to create the space it has carved in the hearts, kitchens and tables of the people all over the world.