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Why is biryani the most ordered food in India?

Why is biryani the most ordered food in India?

Biryani and India, a match made in heaven. At a glance, this statement may seem a bit over the top, but when you consider some data, this will start to make sense. According to the stats released by the topmost online food ordering apps, biryani is the most-ordered food in India. As per the data published by Swiggy, in 2022, 2.28 biriyanis were ordered every second. Also, the data from Zomato reveals that 186 biriyanis are delivered every minute across the country.

So, what is the reason behind this hysteria? Well, let us take a look!

Hyderabad is hailed for its incredible culinary heritage and history of ancient recipes. One such iconic cuisine of Hyderabad is - the Biryani's which depicts the true tradition and Mughlai culture of old Hyderabad. This lip-smacking meal is enough to lure Indians towards it by the name itself.

Reasons behind the popularity of biryani

Apart from the fact that you can easily order biryani online, these are some of the reasons why this rice-based dish has captured the imagination of people:

  • A complete meal

Biriyani as a dish is a complete meal in itself. It has rice which is steamed with meat (either mutton or chicken) or cooked in dum style. It is lip-smacking and finger-licking good. Not just this, it has got all the essential nutrients in one plate, i.e. proteins and carbohydrates. So, it is not very farfetched to claim that it is a complete meal in itself.

  • Huge range

In India, there is a whole range of biryani. Based on the meat, there is a different categorisation. Based on the type of rice used, there are different versions. Some restaurants make vegetarian biryani as well. However, there is a long-standing debate. Without meat, biryani nerds do not consider it to be in the league. They call it pulao.

Moreover, there are multiple iterations of the dish depending on the location they are from. There is the Hyderabadi variation which is considered to be the top one. Then, there is Lucknowi one which is considered a close second. Next up is the famous biryani of Kolkata which has potatoes in it and brings a completely different palate to the table. There are Bohri, Sindhi, Afghani, Punjabi, Memoni, Malabar, Mughlai, Dindigul, Sri Lankan, Dan Pauk, and Nasi Kebuli versions too. And, each one has a distinctive taste.

  • Easily available

There is the availability of biryani online. But, this can be considered an understatement because there is a lot of it and the stats mentioned above further strengthens the narrative. All credit goes to the great restaurants and chefs who put in their toil and expertise in creating this perfect standalone dish that can be had all alone. You will find it on every Indian food delivery app that is there in the market. All you need to do is place an order, which will be at your home soon.

  • A lot of emotions are attached to it

The aromatic biryani has a lot of emotions and nostalgia attached to it. Since it is a complete dish with all the nutrition packed, it has been served on birthdays, family get-togethers, and on almost every occasion in Indian households. In India, many weddings are not considered complete without this exemplary dish. The love for biryanis runs deep in our veins.

We have spoken a lot about the great biryani that you can eat. But, if you want to enjoy it in the comfort of your home, then you need to order biryani online. Where should you order it from? If you want to enjoy the classic recipe, then there is no beating Biryani By Kilo. You will find a fantastic range of biryanis at unbeatable prices. So, do not wait and order immediately.