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  The Kolkata style biryani is a sub-variant of the Lucknowi biryani. On being exiled to Kolkata by the British, the Nawab of Awadh brought along the khansamas and bawarchis due to his zero tolerance of compromise in the taste of food. Being low on money lead them to adding perfectly cooked golden -brown potatoes while cutting down on other components this became the signature of the Kolkata biryani. The reliance of the dish is low on spices and hence it uses much light spices and the special BBK spices used in the dish are from Kerala. The marinade used for the constituents is yoghurt based and the light yellow rice is cooked separately. The rice used in the making of the biryani are fine and long grained basmati rice from Daawat. Being a part of the Bengali cuisine, the Kolkata style dum biryani has a passive sweetness in its taste. Cooked inside a handi which is covered with a lid and sealed with dough, the dish is given dum. Doing so traps the steam inside and cooks the dish slowly to its core while not letting the aroma slip out making the Kolkata style dum biryani a delicacy to be cherished. Order the best Kolkata Biryani online and get home delivery.

Kolkata Biryani