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  • Don't Worry about the Calories in Veg Biryani which is Dum Cooked

    The boiling oil sizzling with onions and bay leaves
    The rich aroma of freshly grounded Kashmiri spices
    Long and shiny basmati rice
    The unmatched aroma of royal kitchens served in handis
    ......biryani sure never gets old.
    Biryani simply is an amalgamation of five tbsp royalty along with delectable array of cultures mixed with long grained rice. Being the evergreen classic of every occasion, it has been unanimously loved by every culture, religion and state. It has been a staple diet for the army and has adorned the jewel studded thalis in the royal court alike. The aroma, taste and the appearance of Biryani intrigued the emperors for it to be included as the royal dish in the menu for centuries.
    The word BIRYANI has been derived from the Persian word 'Birian' which means fried before cooking and Birinj is the persian word for rice. There are multiple legends relating to Biryani which was originally brought to our kitchens by the Mughals. The art of cooking biryani pretty much requires the precision about the quantity, spices and timing.
    The method used to prepare the authentic biryani is through 'dum pukht' 'Larhmeen' or slow oven cooking in which food is tightly sealed and cooked over slow fire. The authentic taste has undergone minor modifications and refinements by every region, community and socio- economic conditions in India. The medieval period saw layering of spices, meat and long grained brown rice to begin with further it saw the rice being replaced with scented and aged basmati rice. In south India, local varieties like Kaima or jeeraka shala, provide their own distinct flavour and texture to the dish. The meat vary from goat, sheep, poultry, beef, eggs to seafood like fish, prawns and crab. Fragrance heightens its appeal, one can also find biryani scented with rosewater, edible ittar or kewra water and saffron.
    Biryani has always been associated with a misconception that it is the numero un dish for non-vegetarians folks the most famous ones being Hyderabadi chicken biryani and Lucknowi chicken biryani. Considering this fact veg biryani is side lined from the options available, it is in fact a very healthy and scrumptious dish keeping in mind the benefits of dum cooking. The most favoured options in veg biryani are Hyderabadi and Lucknowi veg biryani, as the name suggests they hail from the cities having a royal past in itself. There are now a number of platforms/apps/sites in major cities which are serving the authentic veg biryani taste online directly at your doorstep. The zaika or flavour in these biryani are running across through generations in every nook and corner of this country which are cooked in handis using Dum Pukht.
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    Date: 17, September '18 - 18, September '18
    Time: 17:18 PM
  • Know the difference between Hyderabadi Biryani and Lucknowi Biryani. Biryani By Kilo offers these biryani styles freshly cooked on every order. Try it now!

    Lucknow and Hyderabad are known for their awesome biryanis. The authentic biryani recipes extract their richness from a lineage of ustads, masters who have been making it for centuries. Preserving the identity of the dish in the times when quickly cooked pulao is often audaciously served as biryani, the two dishessavour the aroma of the spices and the taste of the meat and vegetables.
    Hyderabadi biryani is usually meaty and spicy and has a good color of zaffran. Lucknowi biryani, on the other hand, is smooth and its meat is marinated in yoghurt and herbs.While they both stake their claims on which is better and authentic, the debate rages on.
    What's in a name?
    To judge the authenticity of any dish, you must trace it to its origin. Among the various theories that describe the origination of the name Biryani, two are more popular. It is believed that the term Biryani has come from the Farsi word Birian which means fried before cooking. This could be true if we go by some biryani preparations where the rice is first fried and then mixed with the other ingredients.The other theory assumes that the name of the dish comes from the word Birinj, whichmeans rice in Farsi. And as rice is the main ingredient of a Biryani, this theory seems more plausible.
    While some believe the history of Biryani dates back to the 15th century when the Mughals invaded India and brought it with them from Persia, others believe it has been in existence in our country much before Babar's invasion. Another popular version is that Mumtaz Mahal (wife of Emperor Shah Jahan) asked her chefs to create what was the earliest version of the biryani for the under-nourished soldiers of the Mughal army.
    Whether biryani came from Persia or was created in India, everyone agrees that Persians were responsible for popularizing the dish among locals. As biryani started to become popular across the country, it also absorbed the local flavors from every region. While the Bengalis added potatoes to the age-old dish, the Sindhis used a lot of yoghurt. The Afghanis gave it a good dose of saffron and dry fruits, and those in the northern states made a vegetarian variant of the primarily meat-based dish. Over 50 varieties of the dish exist in the country today, with everyone claiming their version to be the best. But truth be told, every version has something special about it!
    The tussle between Hyderabad and Lucknow
    A good biryani is usually judged on the basis of its taste, the quality of meat (or vegetables in case of veg biryani), and the blend of spices and rice. However, with so many varieties of the dish, what makes each one distinct is the way it is cooked and what its unique ingredients are. Adjusting the rich Mughal dish to milder palates, Nawabs gave birth toluck. Southerners, on the other hand, added more spice and richness to the dish, giving birth to the Hyderabadi biryani.
    Strong blend of flavors and spices & the Hyderabadi biryani
    What's unique to Hyderabadi biryani is its strong blend of flavors and spice. The dish is not only influenced by the uniqueflavors of South India but also enriched by foreign flavors as brought by the daughters of nobles from Morocco, Turkey, Egypt and other Middle Eastern/West Asian countries who married Hyderabadi nawabs in the olden days.
    When preparing the Hyderabadi Biryani, the mutton/chicken/vegetables are first marinated in yogurt, herbs,and spices and then cooked with rice over a low flame. Rice cooked this way absorbs all the spices along with the juices from the meat and vegetables.
    Wrapped in subtly of flavor - Lucknowi Biryani
    On the other hand, Lucknowi Biryani has a uniquely delicate flavor and rich fragrance. In preparing this unique dish, the meat and the rice are cooked separately and then layered in a pot that is placed over a low flame. Many chefs also add a little-concentrated stock to the rice to flavor it. Each grain will look like nothing much, but when you put it in your mouth, it will (if it's done right) burst with flavor.
    While both biryanis may have been influenced by the Mughals, Lucknow's chefs refined the cuisine through the use of aromatics and cooking techniques and Hyderabad transformed the dishes with robust flavors.We at Biryani by Kilo deliver both authentic Hyderabadi (Kutchi) and Lucknowi (Pukki) Biryani prepared in individual earthen handis with the freshest ingredients. To take your experience a notch higher, we send you earthen Angeethis (Aanch) with each order. We also prepare each order fresh and from scratch, to ensure that we do justice to the rich heritage of the wholesome dish. To rediscover the flavors, order a royal feast by the kilo.
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    Date: 16, September '18 - 17, September '18
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  • What is Biryani | History of Biryani in India - Biryani By Kilo

    A handi of biryani, with rice, meat (or vegetables), and spices, is a complete meal in itself. Be it a formal gathering or an informal meet among friends, a handi of biryani suffices. Each spoonful of this traditional dish is suffused with aromatic spices and rich flavors.Lovers of the dish swear by itsdistinctive taste. However, a key fact most biryani lovers don't know is that despite its various local varieties, the dish did not originate in India.
    The Indian subcontinent has a history of foreign rulers, with each ruler introducing the country to various cultures and traditions as well as cuisines. The Turks, Afghans, Persians, and Arabs have left behind a rich culture of foods and feasts, while the Europeans have introduced the country to the popular vegetables such as potatoes and tomatoes. Even the tea we swear by had been growing wild in the northeast until the Britishers started its commercial production. Staking the claim to fame loudest among all such dishes is biryani. Traditionally made as mutton and chicken biryani, the dish was introduced to the subcontinent by Arabs and Persians
    How the biryani acquired the regional flavors of India
    During the Mughal reign, Awadh (now Lucknow) was the capital of their kingdom, which is how the Awadhi biryani with its delicate flavors got its name. When Aurangzeb became the ruler, he sent his Nizams to Hyderabad and Arcot and their chefs created the Hyderabadi and Arcot biryanis by infusing the local flavours.
    With the Nawab Wajid Ali Shah deposed to Kolkata, his chef created the traditional Kolkata biryani by adding potatoes, which are now integral to the biryani of that region. Tehri biryani, a vegetarian version of the dish, is believed to have been created during this time as food for bookkeepers of the court who would not eat mutton biryani.
    The secret behind the popularity of the Indian biryani
    The primary distinction between a biryani cooked in India and elsewhere in the world is the choice of spices and flavors. While India, the land of spices, has contributed immensely to the various flavors of the biryani, the traditional Persian or Arabian biryanis are quite subtle.
    The primary distinction between a biryani cooked in India and elsewhere in the world is the choice of spices and flavors. While India, the land of spices, has contributed immensely to the various flavors of the biryani, the traditional Persian or Arabian biryanis are quite subtle.
    Some biryanis are also flavored with jasmine, rose, kewra,and saffron, using screw-pine and other dry fruits for the added nutty flavor. This flavor can also be created by frying the rice in ghee before it is cooked with the meat or vegetables.
    Biryani vs Pilaf
    Lovers of the juicy chicken and mutton biryanisare known to playfully call the Veg biryania pulao. The distinction between pilaf (pulao) and biryani has long been a bone of contention for most biryani lovers.Preparing a pilaf dish is a much simpler task than the authentic biryani. For the pulao, you need to delicately fry the meat or vegetables along with the rice and then cook it in a measured quantity of water until done. However, for a biryani, partially cooked rice and meat/vegetables are layered in a handi and cookedon dum.
    The historian Lizzie Collingham is of the view that the modern biryani is a marriage between the Persian pilaf and the delicate Indian spices and flavors. On the contrary, a Mughal text of the 16th century refers to the biryani as an archaic term, being replaced by the modern pilaf. Yet another view is that the biryani originated in the south of India and has been derived from pilaf varieties brought to the Indian subcontinent by the Arab traders.
    Characteristics of a Good Biryani
    While practice makes a biryani perfect, the importance of the key ingredients cannot be ruled out by true biryani lovers.
    Fresh vegetables/finest meat cuts and poultry as well as fresh seafood, adding to the flavor of a biryani.
    The finest long-grained rice for a good north Indian biryaniand short-grained rice for a South Indian biryani.
    A well-balanced marinade comprising curd, herbs,and spices is integral to a good biryani.
    Delicate, aromatic spices, typical of the region, giving each type of biryani its distinctive taste.
    It might surprise most people that versions of biryani are not limited to the Indian subcontinent. Various countries around the world have created their own version of the dish, with some popular ones being Malaysian, Filipino, Mauritian, and African.
    Cooking the perfect biryani
    On a lazy afternoon or evening, you can order in your favoriteand authentic and versatile mutton or chicken biryani online from BiryaniByKilo. Since we cook each biryani separately in a handi, we take about 90 minutes to deliver the best biryani in Delhito your doorstep. You can search by mutton, chicken, or veg biryani me and order it online or through our call center.
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    Date: 15, September '18 - 16, September '18
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  • Biryani By Kilo by CHATPATISHIKHA

    As soon as we hear Biryani the goodness of aromatics flavors starts rolling on our mind.India has numerous cuisines when it comes to food. Biryani being a very famous part of Mughlai cusine,comes from different states with various varieties. Lucknowai , Hyderabadi and ,Kolkata biryanis etc, being most famous for its flavours also depicts the culture of its respective state and have been the integral part of its history.

    One of my favorite places to satiate my cravings for Biryanis is BIRYANI BY KILO. Its one of the most authentic place I have found till time.

    Biryani by kilo was launched in May 2015 and by now have extended it 8 outlets in Delhi NCR. One of the outlet is fulfilling Biryani Desires of Mumbaikars as well, in Andheri Mumbai and nearby areas.

    Soon they are launching their 10th outlet in the heart of Delhi, Connaught Place.

    Recently the organisation did a Contest named ‘Dawat-E-Biryani’, in which I participated and got lucky enough to get selected by the jury.

    They organised a very well planned day for all the contest winners. It was when I along with other winner, got a chance to see quality standards that BBK is following.

    At BBK,rice comes from premium Rice brand ‘Dawat’. and they use most expensive and best quality rice that is available in Daawat rice brand … this brand doesn’t needs introduction as our own Amitabh bachan ji is the brand ambassadors for the rice.

    I was astounded to know the fact that each rice grain used in the BBK Biryani, goes through 8kms processing journey before it enters BBK Handi and hence my surprise came to an end as to why their biryanis tastes so well.
    Their taste is indeed supreme as their spices are bought from Kerala in order to maintain flavor & aroma.

    Another thing that took me by surprise was that Biryani By Kilo have their own In-house butchery which is made in order to maintain quality and sanitation standards.

    As the name suggests the goodness is delivered to us in 1/2 & 1 kg package that comes in handi. (They do take cooperate & big sizes party orders as well). Every Biryani that they deliver to us is cooked fresh to dum individually after the order is placed.

    Biryani for biryani by kilo is not just a simple recipe its a science to create magic n get aromatic flavours throughout.


    Highly recommended for the real Biryani Lovers like me!

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    Date: 9, April '18
    Time: 17:00 PM
  • Around the World in 23 Curries: The Best From New York to New Delhi

    We asked top chefs where they go when they want the real thing, and they didn’t disappoint.

    Order a curry in southern India and the waiter might just stare at you for a bit.

    The dishes we know and love as curry—fish, meat or vegetables flavored with glorious spices—have individual names back home on the Indian subcontinent. But the idea of curry has conquered the globe and is an international favorite. 

    The word “curry” might derive from the Tamil word kari for a side dish with rice, or it might be based on the old English word cury, referring to a stew. An English cookbook, The Forme of Cury, was published in the 1390s. All hot food was called “cury” from the French word cuire, meaning to cook, according to the BBC.

    Where to find the best curry, or other Indian foods? We asked leading chefs to name some of their local favorites. We shamelessly expanded the definition of curry to encompass snacks, kebabs, biryanis, and whatever else they fancied, along with the saucy creations that Anglophones lump together under the term curry.

    Here are their picks.


    Uncle Cafe, Guangzhou
    Chef Andrew Wong of A Wong restaurant in London is a fan of this informal restaurant in the Hensheng Commercial Centre. “I ordered the mutton curry and enjoyed it a lot,” he says. “It’s Pakistani-style, with robust spicing.”


    Indego by Vineet
    Vineet Bhatia is one of the world’s most respected Indian chefs, and this beautiful restaurant at the Grosvenor House hotel can hardly be described as a hidden gem. You can dine on a terrace overlooking the Dubai Marina. U.K.-based chef Romy Gill, of Romy’s Kitchen, can’t resist going back for his starter of 3 Chaats vegetarian nibbles. “These snacks were a very important part of growing up in India,” she says. “The flavors dance in your mouth, and the dish is beautifully presented.”

    Indego by Vineet’s 3 Chaats dish.
    Photographer: Randy Guevarra via Indego by Vineet

    Student Biryani
    This Pakistani fast-food chain, which was founded in 1969, has three outlets in Dubai. The meal deals and garish decor might put you off, but the food is very good. “The Bihari Kebab is the star of the show,” says Chef Vivek Singh of Cinnamon Club in London. “They use chicken on the bone, marinated in a paste of fried onions, garlic, ginger, papaya and chili for hours, then cooked over low charcoal embers. It’s one of the finest kebabs I have ever eaten.” 


    Aaheli, Kolkata
    This smart Bengali restaurant is housed in the Peerless Inn, a luxury hotel in the heart of the city. It’s the pick of Chef Abdul Yaseen of Darbaar restaurant in London. He enjoys the bhapa ilish, steamed fish like salmon, in yogurt and spices. “It’s a classic Bengali dish and this is as authentic as it gets,” he says. “It’s fresh fish from the Bay of Bengal with fresh ingredients. You will fall in love with it.”

    Arsalan (Circus Avenue branch), Kolkata
    This popular mini-chain of eight restaurants serves Mughal food from north India. It’s bright, it’s brash and it’s been popular since the first branch opened in 2002. Harneet Baweja, of Gunpowder restaurant in London, is a fan of the mutton biryani rice dish. “I love the potatoes as much as the meat in the biryani,” he says. “I like the Calcutta style with its subtle flavors and slow-cooked pieces of meat.”

    Bademiya, Mumbai
    This is a legendary late-night food stall near the Taj Hotel. “People order their kebabs & breads and enjoy them while standing on the street or using their car bonnet as a table,” chef Vineet Bhatia says. “My favorites are lamb brain & liver masala with roomali roti (handkerchief bread), finished off with a shahi tukda (Indian bread pudding) which is light and divine.” London-based chef Atul Kochhar of Benares restaurant in London is another fan. He goes for the chicken reshmi tikka.

    Bhel Puri at Juhu Beach, Mumbai
    This beachside seafood stand is a destination for food lovers in Mumbai, including Bhatia, who grew up in Juhu. His favorite dish is bhel puri puffed rice tossed with green chili, coriander, onion and fine sev (gram flour) vermicelli. “It’s an experience to eat this at the beach as the wind blows and the seawater tides clash and the water sprays on you,” he says.

    Bukhara, New Delhi
    This is a very posh Indian restaurant in the luxurious ITC Maurya hotel. It’s about as far from being a hidden gem as the Koh-i-Noor diamond, and Bill Clinton is among the many world leaders who have dined there. (Just don’t call it a curry house.) You don an apron and eat with your hands. The meaty barrah kebab is the pick of chef Karam Sethi, of Gymkhana, in London. Chunks of leg of lamb and chops are marinated in yogurt, malt vinegar and other spices before being char-grilled. “They are the best lamb chops in the world,” he says. Gunpowder’s Harneet Baweja is another fan. He goes for the dal, a blend of black lentil, tomatoes, ginger and garlic, simmered overnight and finished with cream. “It is decadent and could easily be my last meal,” Baweja says.

    Bukhara’s Barrah Kebab.
    Source: ITC Hotels

    Dum Pukht, New Delhi
    This is the other posh restaurant at the ITC Maurya hotel in New Delhi. It specializes in the historic royal cuisine of the rulers of Awadh, in north India. Dum phukt is a method of slow cooking in sealed containers for deep flavors. This richly decorated room is Kochhar’s pick. “Their lamb biryanis are to die for,” he says. “It’s the best place in the world to have biryani.”

    Kabab-e-Bahar, Hyderabad
    Kochhar also likes this lakeside restaurant in the Taj Banjara hotel. The lamb shikampuri kebabs, with patties of finely minced lamb with roast gram flour, “are very moreish,” he says. “Hyderabad is the city where they specialize in creamed paneer stuffed kebabs. They are delicious.”

    Jaffer Bhai’s Delhi Darbar (Dongri branch), Mumbai
    This brightly lit and inexpensive mini-chain is a favorite of Gunpowder restaurant’s Baweja. He likes to order dabba ghosht, which features cubes of mutton in a mild gravy, garnished with egg and salt. “It’s melt-in-your-mouth,” he says. “The restaurant is an old-school joint with regulars that have been coming for years.”

    New Kulfi Centre, Mumbai
    This Indian ice-cream shop near Marine Drive has been popular for decades. “They serve the best kulfis I have ever had,” Bhatia says of the Indian dessert. “My favorite is the paan kulfi: betel leaf filled with coconut, dates, betel nut, fennel—basically a mouth freshener. People specially drive down and wait in cars while the staff come over to take your orders and serve you.”

    Oh! Calcutta, Pune
    This award-winning restaurant is styled on the colonial clubs of old Calcutta, serving traditional Bengali cuisine. It’s the pick of Darbaar’s Yaseen, whose favorite dishes include bhapa ilish fish, marinated with fermented mustard paste and fresh green chillis, then wrapped in banana leaf and steamed. “The flavors take me to the river banks and the fish market from where my aya (house maid) used to bring freshly caught fish to be prepared at home,” he says.

    Tunday Kababi, Lucknow
    This famous and lively cafe traces its history to 1905. The minced buffalo-meat galouti kebab is a favorite of Gymkhana’s Sethi. “You can eat them in the restaurant or have them delivered to your car window,” he says. “They are rich, heady, spiced kebabs originally made for toothless royals—the world’s most moreish kebab.”


    Munnar, Tel Aviv
    Indian food isn’t big in Israel, but London-based chef Eyal Jagermann from the Barbary reckons it’s worth seeking out Munnar, a popular vegetarian restaurant. “I remember having a Swiss chard and kale curry served with paratha roti, brown chickpeas stew with daal and chutney,” Jagermann says. “Everything was served with spiced yogurt, and it was fantastic.”


    Jiyuken, Osaka
    Osaka’s oldest Western restaurant is famous for its curries. It’s the pick of London-based chef Yoshinori Ishii, who holds two Michelin stars at Umu. His favorite dish is the meibutsu (specialty) curry, which contains beef, onion, spices and vegetables, stewed down and then mixed with white rice. It is served with a raw egg on top. “Whenever I am in Osaka, I visit this small place, which brings back childhood memories,” he says. “It is very much home-style cooking with simple, subtle flavors. If I am hungry, I order a side of beef and potato croquettes or curried beef cutlets.”

    Shiseido Parlour, Tokyo
    This Ginza dining room, owned by the cosmetics company, specializes in yoshoku Japanese-style Western cuisine. It’s a Tokyo institution, where you might order meat croquette and macaroni gratin. Or curry rice, a distinctively mild dish that appeals to the local palate. The rich sauce features onion, garlic, ginger and curry powder. Ken Yamada, of Anzu restaurant in London, came here as a child with his parents. “I love Japanese curry, and Shiseido Parlour’s curry is as old school as it gets,” he says. “I went back recently and it was exactly the same.”


    Banana Leaf Apolo
    This casual restaurant on Race Course Road serves its curries on a banana leaf, rather than a plate. It’s a favorite of British chef Alun Sperring of the Chilli Pickle restaurant in Brighton, who enjoys the fish head curry. “This dish has become famous since the ’60s when a South Indian restaurant owner offered it to entice the local Chinese clientele,” he says. “The gravy features lots of tamarind, chili, onions, garlic, tomatoes, coriander, cumin, turmeric and fenugreek powder served with okra and aubergine and a side of steamed rice. It’s delicious and as you work through the large bowl of thin gravy expect a nice burn to build from within.”

    Banana Leaf Apolo’s signature fish head curry dish. 
    Photographer: Banana Leaf Apolo


    Curry Masala, Madrid
    French chef Arnaud Bignon, who holds two Michelin stars at the Greenhouse restaurant in London, came across this restaurant in the center of Madrid. He particularly enjoyed palak paneer, a dish of fresh spinach with paneer cheese. “It had a perfect balance of richness and acidity,” he says. “The paneer was soft both in texture and in flavor but the spices really stood out in the spinach.”


    Gunpowder, London
    This tiny restaurant near Spitalfields market is always packed with diners drawn by its big flavors and modest prices. The spicy venison and vermicelli donut is a favorite of Romy Gill of Romy’s Kitchen. The snack features venison slow-cooked for 4 to 6 hours, flavored with curry leaves, ginger, chili and other spices. “Venison can dry out, and it’s difficult to get the spicing right,” Gill says. “Here, it is perfectly balanced: The flavors are subtle and the heat isn’t overpowering.”

    Mirch Masala, Tooting, London
    This casual restaurant in suburban Tooting has a large menu focused on spicy karahi dishes cooked in a deep pan like a wok. Cinnamon Club’s Singh is a regular and likes to order the Karela gosht mutton curry on the bone with bitter melons. “For gutsy, spicy, rustic cooking from the Punjab, this is as good as it comes,” he says.


    Indian Accent, New York
    Will Bowlby of Kricket, in London, is a fan of this modern Indian restaurant in Le Parker Meridien in Midtown. It’s an import from New Delhi, where this fine-dining establishment is the best Indian restaurant in the world, according to the World’s 50 Best Restaurants awards. “The standout dish was the pulled jackfruit phulka,” Bowlby says. This soft bread is more normally served with pork, which is also available. “The consistency and flavor of the jackfruit emphasized again the fact that veg is often the way forward, especially when it comes to Indian food.”

    Junoon, New York
    This Michelin-starred Midtown restaurant is a favorite of Gill. The lal mirch ka paneer is a starter of house-made cheese, tandoori pepper coulis and confit peppers. “Paneer can be tasteless and rubbery,” she says. “This is beautifully made and prepared. It melts in your mouth and the spicing is just right.”

    Location: Richard Vines
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    Date: 19, October '17
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  • Eat: Top 5 biryani spots in Dubai and Sharjah

    Two Emirati men, who went on a quest to find the best mutton biryani in Dubai and Sharjah

    Chicken Biryani
    Full on flavour: Chicken biryani
    Image Credit:Supplied

    Two Emirati men, Mohammad Sultan Thani and his friend Majed Al Shamsi, decided to go on a mission to find the best biryani in town after posting a question on social media, asking their followers to name their favourite biryani restaurants.



    They went on a quest to find the best mutton biryani in Dubai and Sharjah and have attracted over 60,000 followers on social media during their reviews of 54 restaurants in a period of seven months.

    Here are the top 5 according to the duo

    1. Silver Spoon

    This Sharjah Biryani shop should not be judged by its look or ambience. Whether you order it to go or eat it there, Silver Spoon has one of the best Hyderabadi Biryanis in town.


    Location Opposite St Michael's Church, Al Yarmook, Halwan Suburb, Sharjah Cost Dh15 Timings Open daily from 12.30pm to 11pm Contact 06 5671667

    2. Pak Liyari

    Known as one of the best Pakistani restaurants in Dubai. Their Biryani is outstanding and full of flavour. Additionally people love the korma, the saffron kheer and the kebabs. Everything is worth a try at Pak Liyari.

    Location Behind Gulab Building, Al Fahidi Street, Meena Bazaar, Dubai Cost Dh12 Timings Open daily from 11am to 1am Contact 04 3535587

    3. Grub Shack

    This modern Indian hot spot serves food specialities from Bombay to Goa. It has amazing Biryani as well as other things. Popular among the foodies with a more refined taste for Indian cuisine.

    Location Building 41, Next to Dubai Healthcare City Metro Station Cost Dh25 Timings Daily from 12pm to 12am Contact 04 4489095

    4. Jaffer Bhai

    This Biryani spot is often crowded due to its central location. They offer delicious Indian food, specifically Biryani that’s made to perfection.

    Location Building 41, Next to Dubai Healthcare City Metro Station Cost Dh25 Timings Daily from 12pm to 12am Contact 04 4489095

    5. Saif Restaurant

    Slightly out of the way in Hor Al Anz, this Biryani spot serves delicious rice and chicken or mutton made with delicious spices and aromatic flavours.

    Location Opposite Hor Al Anz Mosque, Hor Al Anz, Dubai Cost Dh10 Timings Daily from 12pm to 12am Contact 04 2662811

    Location: Yousra Zaki
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    Date: 10, July '17
    Time: 14:39 PM
  • Aruna Bansal About Biryani By Kilo

    If you can’t go to Jama Masjid for Biryani and Kebabs then this is the perfect place from where you can order scrumptious Biryani and Kebabs. Biryani by Kilo is a Delivery only outlet and trust me you gonna love the delivery made by them.

    I ordered Chicken Biryani, Phirni and Mutton Galouti with Ulta Tawa Paratha. The food was delivered in time and was well packed. I loved the Angithi concept. I got Dum Biryani with angithi and I was told by the delivery boy to give it halki si aanch for 10 mins before having it. I felt as if I have made the whole biryani and ended it by giving halki si aanch.

    Now let’s talk about the taste of Biryani..

    The biryani was full of aroma, masalas, chicken and tasted like heaven and was served with salan which made it more delectable.

    Mutton Galouti with Ulta Tawa Paratha

    I’m personally not a Galouti lover and till the time it reached me it got bit soggy but still it was good. I find it bit spicy but went well with Ulta Tawa Paratha.

    Something for my sweet tooth!!!

    Matka Phirni …this was the best phirni I had till date. Garmi mai thandi thandi Phirni that too in a matka what else one can ask for..

    Just don’t sit and keep reading the review …go and place your order and enjoy your meal.


    Mutton Galouti with Ulta Tawa Paratha

    I’m personally not a Galouti lover and till the time it reached me it got bit soggy but still it was good. I find it bit spicy but went well with Ulta Tawa Paratha.


    Something for my sweet tooth!!!

    Matka Phirni …this was the best phirni I had till date. Garmi mai thandi thandi Phirni that too in a matka what else one can ask for..

    Just don’t sit and keep reading the review …go and place your order and enjoy your meal.
    Location: Aruna Bansal
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    Date: 13, June '17
    Time: 14:14 PM
  • 7 Sure Shot Ways to Make Your Quick Service Restaurant a Success


    In the current restaurant scenario, Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) or Fast Food Restaurant are emerging and expanding like never before, as they provide faster and handy dining experience at a relatively low cost. Competitive price, speed in service, and convenient locations mark the characteristics of a typical QSR.  Low in cost, in terms of investment as well as operations, QSR is considered to be low-risk ventures. As the name suggests, a Quick Service Restaurant is a restaurant that offers food that has been pre-made, and require only the last minute preparation before serving. Read in detail how to open a Quick Service Restaurant in just Rs 5 Lakh here!

    However, it is not as easy as it looks. With an increased demand from customers on the quality of food, extreme competition, and the rising prices of ingredients, running a QSR can prove to be a demanding job. Therefore, we decided to talk to industry experts and compiled the steps through which you can make your Quick Service Restaurant a success. Read on, and thank us later!

    How to Make Your Quick Service Restaurant a Success 

    Follow these seven points to run a successful Quick Service Restaurant business.

    1. Maintaining Consistency in Your Quick Service Restaurant

    The most important part of running a Quick Service Restaurant chain is maintaining consistency across all outlets. Quality and consistency go hand in hand in establishing brand loyalty among customers.

    Consistency can be achieved across outlets with centralized distribution method called the Hub and Spokes Model. The hub represents the central base kitchen, and the spokes represent the different outlets.  In this model, almost the entire cooking is done at the base kitchen and only the last level cooking is left for the outlets. Minimum outlet interference and use of standard recipes with pre-decided ingredients and preparation method result in similar tastes across the outlets. Find out how maintaining consistency across outlets increases customer loyalty and increases sales here.

    sougata sengupta talking about Maintaining Consistency in Your Quick Service Restaurant

    2. Maintaining the Quality of Your Quick Service Restaurant

    With consumers becoming more and more health conscious, quality of food is something that cannot be compromised on at all. Quality should be maintained right from the ingredients during preparation, to the end product presented to the customers. Following points must be considered to ensure quality.

    3. Hiring Employees for Your Quick Service Restaurant

    Recruitment of quality manpower at affordable rates, and retaining them is one of the biggest challenges of running a restaurant and is especially true in the case of a QSR chain.

    There is a high attrition rate among employees, especially at the junior level.  People with good communication and people skills are needed, and the ones that are, switch to BPO’s and call centers. To decrease turnover, and to acquire reliable employees, it is advisable to hire through word of mouth and employee referrals. Hiring through agencies is also a good idea as they provide experienced professionals. Find out how to reduce the employee turnover in your restaurant here.

    Most importantly, you must train your employees as good hospitality and customer engagement goes a long way in establishing a loyal customer base.

    “Attrition rate is 10-12% per month, which is the highest in any hospitality sector.” Says Kaushik Roy, CEO Biryani by Kilo.

    Attrition rate is 10 12% per month, which is the highest in any hospitality sector.” Says Kaushik Roy

    4. Expanding Your Quick Service Restaurant

    After the success of the first venture, expansion of business is what comes to mind.  More number of outlets help in creating brand awareness and loyalty among customers.

    However, expansion of food joints is a delicate issue and must be done with care as what worked in one city or even an area may not work the same at a different one. Food preferences of the city demographics need to be kept in mind, yet the signature flavors of the QSR have to be retained while setting up the base kitchen.  Therefore, you must conduct careful research to cater to the need of the people of the area where you are thinking of spreading your brand.

    For example, while a QSR with a limited menu and low budget can be a success in a student-centric area, it may not work in a corporate area where working people are willing to pay more for variety and taste. Remember to monitor consumer behavior and expectations before opening a new outlet.

    This article will help you if you’re looking to expand your restaurant business.

    5. Managing the Costs of Your Quick Service Restaurant

    QSRs are perceived to have low costs, both in terms of investment as well as operations. However, margins are thin, and the QSR needs scalability to be successful. Fluctuating price of raw materials, high rentals, and labor costs bring a pressure on margins.  This is especially true in the initial days when the sales are low, and the fixed costs need to be paid.

    Improving inventory systems helps to reduce the cost of material handling and wastage. You can improve labor efficiency and cut labor costs through better scheduling. Measure the quality of incoming material, work in progress and output.


    You can also reduce labor costs by automating your outlet with the help of POS. Automatic billing, online ordering, inventory management etc help you optimize your restaurant in limited resources.

    Managing the Costs of Your Quick Service Restaurant says by Gurbachan Singh

    6. Monitoring Multiple Quick Service Restaurant Outlets

    Managing one outlet is a plateful in itself. Managing several outlets, while striving to maintain consistency throughout, is a humongous task. Delegating responsibilities and depending on the restaurant manager becomes inevitable in this case. However, you must still keep an eye on all the on-going of your outlets. Standardization and consistency need to be maintained, about which we have already talked above.

    Reporting and tracking of business transactions must be done throughout the day. Use centralized POS software that gives you full control over all your branches.  POSist’s Cockpit appgive you complete information about your outlets such as the net sales across all outlets, sales summary, total bill generated, discounts offered etc. These data can be viewed for each outlet separately, and also a cumulative data report for the entire chain is available in the app.

    7. Improving Sales of Your Quick Service Restaurants

    In the recent years, India has seen tremendous growth in the hospitality sector. New QSR chains open up like mushrooms, and many go out of business within the first year of opening.

    Apart from providing good food, competitive prices, and good service, designing the menu cleverly helps in boosting sales. Careful placement of items that can be bought together or relative pricing tricks the customers in buying more from your food outlet.

    Marketing techniques such as social media engagement with customers, SMS and email campaigns, discounts and limited time offers, help in catching the customers’ fancy. It is also important to monitor customer behavior and stay updated as trends keep changing every few months.

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  • Review on Biryani By Kilo

    Was listening about this place from so many people and finally decided to order from here. 

    Biryani By Kilo, a great concept first of all and secondly their service is really good. The food was received hot and perfect. 

    To open the mud pot of biryani was a task but a fun task because we were all curious too see what is inside.
    We ordered mutton galouti kebabs. Love for galouti kebabs is just unconditional. I had a very high expectation from these guys and they surely did not disappoint me. Juicy, soft and flavorful kebabs made me fall in love with them with every bite... Served with a parantha which was delicious. 


    Ordered a Lucknowi Mutton Biryani which was very beautifully presented and tasted even better. The aroma filled the entire room and when we heated it up on their really special "Aanch Box" it turned out more aromatic and we were just waiting to dig in. It was so delectable and tasty and the lamb was perfectly cooked. I am not a mutton biryani fan but this one surely swooped me away.
    Then we had Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani. With succulent chicken pieces which were cooked to perfection and complimented the biryani so well. This one was my favorite because i loved the flavors and spices which were infused together so perfectly and again the presentation was awesome. Highly Recommended.





    And then I had their very famous phirni. which was so heavenly that i cannot express it in words *heavy breathing*

    You for sure cannot miss this phirni everrr. DO TRY. 



    Biryani By Kilo really impressed me and I believe it will do the same for y'all. So order now :)




    Location: Rishika Kumar
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    Date: 1, April '17
    Time: 23:29 PM
  • Mounds Of Biryani In Clay Pots? Biryani By Kilo's Come To South Delhi

    After catering to crowds of biryani fiends in Gurgaon, Dwarka and Noida, Biryani By Kilo has finally decided to take the path more taken and open shop in South Delhi- Shahput Jat, to be precise. And we couldn’t be happier.

    We recently tried their fare for lunch and were happy to see that they send their biryani in earthen pots, sealed with atta as per tradition {the vegetarian one was sealed with green-coloured atta!}. When it came to polishing off the pots, we didn’t have the slightest problem. The Murgh Biryani had a generous amount of meat and whereas we would have liked more orange in our rice, we didn’t have much to complain about. We’re pretty excited to try their prawn variant.

    Among the kebabs, the vegetarian galouti was a clear winner, even when placed against the mutton. Who’d have thunk? Don’t believe us- try it. End on a super sweet note with their Phirni, which is also served in a clay pot. We love the presentation and think these are great for when you have people over and don’t want to cook. You won’t even have to take out the fancy dishes.

    Location: Navni Kumar
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    Date: 28, March '17
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  • Huge Portions Of Prawn Biryani Delivered By Biryani By Kilo That You Won't Be Able To Finish

    One of our favourite places for biryani delivery in Delhi has now set up their kitchen in Shahpur Jat. We couldn’t help but be excited and ordered in humongous quantities of Biryani—enough to feed a whole village!

    In A Nutshell

    Biryani By Kilo is a home delivery only joint, that has been delivering their fragrant terracotta handis of biryani to areas in Dwarka, Noida, and Gurgaon. They’ve only recently started delivering to places in south Delhi, ever since they launched their kitchen in the pretty lanes of Shahpur Jat.

    You can take your pick of how many kilos of biryani it is that you want, according to the number of people in your party. They’ve got quite the selection of biryanis, made with authentic recipes from Calcutta, Hyderabad, and Lucknow. They all come in half a kilo or 1-kilo bowls, depending on how much you’ve ordered. The terracotta handis are sealed with the dough while they’re cooked, and they’re sent across as is. It can be pretty hot to handle them, so you should either wear oven mitts while placing them on the table or hold them by the neck.

    You can even pick from the selection of Indian breadskebabs, and kormas to go with your meal.

    On The Silver Platter

    south delhi shahpur jat seafood north Indian Mughlai meats delivery Category:Meats

    We got the Murg Hyderabadi Biryani, a Hyderabadi Prawn Biryani, and the Veg Hyderabadi Biryani. They all come with a Salan for you to eat the biryani with, although they were great by themselves. You don’t really need a gravy to go with these biryanis, but the traditional way of eating Hyderabadi biryani is with Salan. The three varieties of biryani that we got were all delicious. The ones with seafood and chicken were cooked through without being overcooked. You must stir it properly before serving so you get all the spices mixed in evenly. The vegetarian one had a little green food colouring in the dough that was used to seal it for ease of identification.

    We got the Galouti kebabs in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian varieties. While the non-vegetarian one was nice and meaty and left us wanting more and more bites of it, the vegetarian one looked and tasted like the Lucknowi Hariyali Kebabs but was extremely soft and scrumptious.

    We also got these pots of Phirni, that was a little runnier than the Phirni that we’re used to getting from old Delhi, but it was extremely smooth and wasn’t very sweet, and is just the thing to have for ending your meal.

    Bitter Pill

    While getting the Salan to go with the biryanis was a nice idea, the salan didn’t taste as authentic as the traditional Mirchi ka Salan. But, that’s ok since that too is an acquired taste. Also, we feel that they should’ve sent raita or some yoghurt to go with the biryani.

    Food For Thought

    Biryani By kilo is a great place to order from if you have lots of people coming over. It’s not too expensive and the quantities are huge. The food is great and will leave you and your guests reaching out for your belt to loosen it to accommodate more food in your stomach than is humanly possible.

    Location: Saundarya Srinivasan
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    Date: 27, March '17
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  • Biryani by Kilo, DLF Phase 1








    Over the years I have had the misfortune of dining at a lot of restaurants that serve what should be called “DUMB” biryani.
    These so called biryani’s can at best be described as mildly flavoured tomato bath rice and definitely not Hyderabadi Dum Biryani. Because an authentic Hyderabadi Dum Biryani oozes spices, strong flavour, packs a lot of heat and basically is a yummy rice delight.
    There must be hundreds of joints serving DUMB biryani in Gurgaon but there are very few which serve authentic Dum Biryani, BIRYANI By KiLo joins that exclusive list.

    As soon as i called and placed the order, i received a conformation sms and i was sent another sms along with the riders phone number when the order was dispatched. Even received an sms the next day to ask for my feedback. This whole order tracking and feedback mechanism impressed me.

    Biryani’s were delivered in Earthen handi’s along with tiny candles which can be used to heat the food. Once I opened the lid, the fragrance engulfed the room, rich with the reassuring aroma of pure ghee, saffron & chicken cooked to melt in the mouth with tenderness.
    The biryani was incredible and was an absolute delight to the senses. The best part was the chicken to rice ratio. I have never seen so many pieces of chicken in a biryani.
    Value for money as one biryani was sufficient for 3-4 people.

    The other dishes we ordered were equally outstanding.
    Mutton Korma was delectable and the Ulte Tawe Ke Paranthe (whole wheat layered bread) accompanying it were well prepared.
    The paranthe were thin but the dough was firm and had a great chew.
    The Galouti Kebab was delightful. The complexity of flavour in the kebab made me swoon.
    For dessert we had the Mutka Phirni which was thick, creamy & smooth, easily the best phirni in gurgaon.

    If you are in the mood flavourful & not too spicy Biryani’s which are perfectly cooked with tender & juicy meat that will pamper your taste buds, then Biryani By Kilo is the place to order from.

    Location: Salil Mehta
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    Date: 9, March '17
    Time: 18:38 PM
  • Biryani by Kilo: Best in Noida

    A discussion on biryani at a party or with a group of people will get you to more trouble than discussing about demonitisation in the current scenario. There is no other dish in India, like biryani, which has been debated on its origin, authenticity and quality. The top contenders in this list are the Lucknowi biryani, the Hyderabadi biryani and the famous Kolkata biryani. Self-pronounced biryani aficionados wouldn’t even dream about tasting biryani from other regions, than their own favourite.

    The etymology of biryani itself is not clear. Some believe that it originates from ‘Birinj’, the Persian word for rice. Another theory is that it derives from ‘Biryan’ or ‘Beriyan’ (to fry or roast). Then there is another debate on what is biryani or pulao, which we will conveniently ignore now.

    In this interesting and prolonged contest, many other biryanis have faded away from the restaurant menus and home kitchens (thanks to the take away culture). But is that so? The answer is a big no. Live and kicking are the strains of Bohri biryani and Memoni biryani, which are probably better than their popular cousins and as many or maybe more from the southern belt of India – Malabar biryani, Bhatkali biryani, the Ambur biryani, Chettinadu biryani and Dindigul biryani, to name a few.

    For example, the biryani served in Kayees Rahmathulla Hotel in Mattancherry, Kochi, has no semblance to its spicy cousin from Hyderabad. The Kayees biryani, vastly influenced by the Arabic traders and their culture, will surprisingly taste a little sweet because of the pineapple pieces and is served with a date chutney. Our own painting maestro M.F. Husain was so impressed with this version of biryani, that he made two sketches and presented it to the restaurant owner, which they proudly display even now. The biryani from Ambura and Vaniyambadi towns of north-eastern Tamil Nadu was introduced by the Nawabs of Arcot and is light on the stomach and yet has a higher meat to rice ratio. And Kolkata biryani, is of course, famous for its fried whole potatoes, which is relished equally as the meat itself!

    The fact is that is that, all these biryanis (or pulao as one may like to call it) are reflection of various regional cuisines found in the subcontinent and having amalgamated the ingredients and methods from these culinary cultures have become the true ambassadors or flagship cuisine of the respective regions.

    I personally think, biryani is the ultimate ode to rice (paella comes a distant second). I cannot imagine or know of any other single-pot dish, which use as many ingredients and brings about an explosion of flavours on your palate like biryani.handi-1

    Coming to the review. Couple of days back, when I had this urge to eat biryani, I decided to order from Biryani by kilo. From their choice of biryanis, I decided to order a kilo of Kolkata Chicken Biryani (I myself was surprised at my impulsive choice), a portion of Mutton Korma and couple of Ulte Tawa Ka Paranthas. Though the order took about 90 minutes, it was packed and delivered hot.
    handi-2The biryani came in a sealed earthen pot and the long grained rice was cooked to perfection and flavoured with fried onions, saffron and other condiments and poultry. The lightly fried and cooked potatoes were tasty and along with the boiled eggs gave another dimension to the fragrant rice. There was a good portion of raita with the biryani.mutton-kormaMutton Korma was perfectly spiced and slow cooked. The portion, which was enough for two to three people tasted great with the parantha..
    rotiI do not claim that the food which Biryani by Kilo served was authentic. But it was certainly super tasty and worth every penny.

    Location: Anoop Kamath
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    Date: 14, January '17
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  • Biryani by Kilo offering You flat 25 percent Off on all orders

    Biryani by Kilo is making sure June has started on a sweet note. Celebrating it’s 1 year anniversary in style , it’s offering flat 25% Off on all orders till 5th June’16. Woaaah ! That’s even better than your neighbour Sharmaji who didn’t even call you for their anniversary. You can order your favourite Murg  Hyderabadi  Biryani or Veg Lucknowi Biryani  here. The android enthusiasts  can order through it’s app too. Use Coupon code as ANNI ( Did you read Ammi 😉 ? That proves you love your Mom very much.)


    So, no need to venture out in this sweltering heat if you are in Gurgaon or Dwarka . Call up your friends at your place & have a gala weekend with Kakori or Shikhampuri kebabs melting in your mouth   . You can make the evening awesome with  Honey Singh’s high heels  playing in the background. Biryani is better than Bae , seriously.  Lets say, If you don’t like biryani ( yes, the probability is very less , but not zero) ,  you can still savour Ulte tawa ka parantha & Mutton Kebab  followed by Matka Phirni too. And yeah , Imli adraki Lemonade to beat the heat & calories too. Drooling already ? Go ahead & Order now.


    Just you need to make sure that you need to plan in advance as it takes about 1.5hrs-2hrs for the order to be delivered at your doorstep. Since , its a dum cooked freshly prepared Biryani , you got to give time for it to be prepared. Hmm.. even Rome wasn’t built in a day.

    Minimum order – Rs.500

    Delivery charge – Rs.40/- for orders beyond 3kms apply.

    Offer valid till 5th June

    Area covered – Gurgaon & Dwarka

    Location: Ketchupp
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  • Best Chicken Biryani in Gurgaon

    Best Chicken Biryanis in Gurgaon at Biryani BluesIt was my failure in preparing my favorite dish “Chicken Biryani” that made me discover the heaven where Best Chicken Biryani in Gurgaon dwelled. I was suffering from Biryani Blues instead of Monday Blues when I decided to ‘taste it best to know it best’! With my experiments of exploring different versions of Chicken Biryani at different food outlets in Gurgaon, I can surely add to ‘Happiness quotes’ that is ‘Happiness is trying out Best Chicken Biryani in Gurgaon’!


    Biryani Blues: Beat the blues with one of the Best Chicken Biryani in Gurgaon

    My Biryani Blues ironically found solace at Biryani Blues! It was like rejuvenating your senses with the perfectly spiced Chicken Biryani with the amazing Raita and Salan to go with it. Its unbelievable but yes, I had Biryani as my only Main Course and yet it was so sumptuous and comprehensive! Soothing ambience actually had a calming effect. With the Khubani Ka Meetha, my meal ended on a sweet note!


    Kitchen of Awadh: Nawabi Taste in Chicken Biryani

    When it comes to Biryani, the hunt is for that authentic Awadh flavor and Kitchen of Awadh just serves that. With its tremendous popularity for Kebabs and Biryanis, this is one haven that serves the best Chicken Biryani in Gurgaon! With each morsel the heart beats even faster saying ‘I want more’; such is the magic of the flavors of Chicken Biryani! Spacious with warm décor and service; Kitchen of Awadh gives you the feel of Home away from Home!

    Best Chicken Biryani in Gurgaon at Biryani By Kilo


    Biryani by Kilo: Royal flavors sealed in an earthen pots

    We buy veggies in Kilo but ever thought on eating in Kilo? Yes, at Biryani by Kilo, you discover your actual appetite in Kilos. And you can count on more here! You just can’t hold your heart back at the visual itself of small clay burner and tea light candles with the Chicken Biryani. Mine was hot till the last bite. With each bite, you experience distinct flavors with the perfectly cooked chicken and large Basmati rice that shout out loud that ‘I am the best Chicken Biryani in Gurgaon’!


    Andhra Biryani House: Authentic & Spicy

    A perfect blend of South and Punjab, yes this is what Andhra Biryani House known for. I used to get Biryani Blues about the masala not being perfect but after trying it out at Andhra Biryani House, a whole new culinary sideI discovered! Andhra Biryani House teases your taste buds with the Spicy flavors of Andhra along with Punjabi touch. The best thing is that after taste is very mild and leaves you craving for more of this best Chicken Biryani in Gurgaon!

    Top Chicken Biryani in Gurgaon

    Viva Hyderabad: Dumpukht Biryanis reproduced

    I literally went high on the mouth watering Salan/ Churi with Chicken Biryani here at Viva Hyderabad! I felt alive having the immaculate yellow rice with the blush red chillies and occasional black clove, tan green cardamom with the extravagant aromatic flavors! Umm I am already salivating writing about this Best Chicken Biryani in Gurgaon!


    Hotel Malabar: Authentic flavours of Kerala in a dingy lane of Gurgaon

    Hotel Malabar proves to be a small package but a big surprise from many. A 200 sq ft space with barely 8 tables, Hotel Malabar is a hidden gem in a busy and dingy market place. The only one thing that strikes your heart point blank is its pure taste. Coming to their Chicken Biryani, it bowls over with its touch of authentic Kerala flavors with hot spicy Chicken masala. Indeed, one of the best Chicken Biryanis in Gurgaon.
    Go, fly to the Gourmet land to experience this ravishing treasure of spices that makes up the Best Chicken Biryani in Gurgaon! This list will ensure that you do not end up like this.. (giggle)



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  • Restaurant Review Biryani by Kilo

    After serving authentic steaming hot Biryanis right at your door steps, finally Biryani by Kilo opens their second outlet in Dwarka. Brainchild of Mr.Kaushik Roy, Biryani by Kilo uses the traditional “Dum” technique to make biryanis. Their biryanis are cooked in individual natural clay handi and are delivered in the same round clay pot. The clay pot is reusable in case you want to do your own “Matka Cooking”. Biryani’s were delivered in Earthen handi’s along with tiny candles which can be used to heat the food. Once I opened the lid, the fragrance engulfed the room, rich with the reassuring aroma of pure ghee, saffron & chicken cooked to melt in the mouth with tenderness. The biryani was incredible and was an absolute delight to the senses. The best part was the chicken to rice ratio. I have never seen so many pieces of chicken in a biryani
    Food Talks

    I had ordered their / Hyderabadi Biryani along with Kathal galouti kebab, Mutton galouti kebab and Phirni.
    Hyderabadi Biryani: The biryani resembled to be quite authentic in its presentation. The chicken was at the bottom and was generously covered with rice which was cooked to perfection. I must say they are too generous with the quantity of chicken chunks in the biryani. Chicken pieces were juicy and well marinated. All in all it stood as a complete winner for us.

    The Kathal galouti being a vegetarian substitute for mutton galouti kebab was received well by our vegetarian reviewers. The mutton galouti were tender and the texture of the dish was very appealing.Served with ulte tawa ka parantha it was one of the main highlights of our meal.

    Dinner ended on a sweet note with their signature dessert. The phirni which comes in a clay matka. It was cherished by all and level of sweetness in the dessert was just perfect.

    In a nutshell, ordering a meal from Biryani by kilo is a must for people living in Gurgaon, Dwarka and near by areas. They are pulling up a great initative by serving authentic food and in an authentic manner and that too right at your foot steps. So if you are in the mood flavourful & not too spicy Biryani’s which are perfectly cooked with tender & juicy meat that will pamper your taste buds, then Biryani By Kilo is the place to order from.

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  • Biryani by Kilo, Gurgaon: Biryani, Kebabs & More

    Biryani is a complete meal in itself, and with the lovely flavors and aroma, it is a preferred choice for house parties after heavy snacks and also is a good option for those dining out. Till few years ago there was no better option to order biryani other than by Viva Hyderabad or Deez (if you call these options even worth considering), however the situation is much better now. We have many home chefs who do a great biryani (Gul’s Kitchen and My Kitchen are amazing), apart from Biryani Blues. The only issue with ordering from home chefs is that one has to plan in advance and you cannot do much for the unexpected cravings or the unexpected guests.

    On one of such occasions, I tried Biryani by Kilo. The ordering system is excellent. With just a phone call they asked me for my spice level preference, and immediately an SMS confirming the order was sent. At the time of its dispatch, another message was received with the contact details of the delivery boy, and the food arrived hot and neatly packed in an earthen handi within the scheduled time.

    The visual presentation of the serving handi is very impressive and it is served on a small earthern top where 3 small candles ensure the food is kept warm. The lid is well sealed with aata that has become hard but makes it a bit difficult to open. However the efforts are worth it. The lid opens to a piquant fresh biryani out of the pot which is well served with nice salan and raita. The succulent and tender mutton pieces are well layered with rice in the Gosht Lucknawi biryani (Rs750), and chicken is well spiced in Murg Hyderabadi biryani (Rs 650). Since I have ordered for a spicy variant, I found both the biryanis to be low on heat variant, especially the Hyderabadi one which is usually made that way. Thanks to the half chicken korma (Rs325), that helps to spice up and enhance the flavors for my guests and me to enjoy the biryanis.

    I am very regular to Lucknow and love the well made galaoutis. These galaoutis, if not better, are certainly amongst the best you’ll find anywhere in Gurgaon. 250gms of mutton galaoutis (Rs 325) had 6 pieces of soft and melt-in-the-mouth galaoutis, served with ulte tawa ke parantha (Rs 20). Next time give Tundey a miss and try these. Galaouti by Biryani by Kilo is also a tad cheaper than Tundey.

    We end our meal with the cold, thick and aptly sweetened matka phirni (Rs200). Biryani by Kilo has certainly come a long way in its journey to serve decent biryanis and now I won’t be starved for choice for my unexpected guests.

    Location: Pawan Soni
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  • Biryani by Kilo - Great Stuff

    Biryani by Kilo brings steaming hot Biryanis right to your doorstep. Brainchild of hospitality veteran, Kaushik Roy, Biryani by Kilo uses the traditional "Dum" technique to make biryanis. The order taking was a breeze. SMS confirmations kept me abreast with the status of my order. Sweet. I was waiting to bite in. Their biryanis are cooked in individual natural clay handi and are delivered in the same round clay pot. The clay pot is reusable in case you want to do your own "Matka Cooking". The biryanis are accompanied with a small candle lit stove or "Angeethi aur Aanch" on which you can do a final dum yourself should you not want to consume the biryani right then. This was something new and different hence had to be tried out for sure. I had ordered their 1 kilo Hyderabadi Biryani (also called kutchi dum biryani) along with Phirni quite recently and was happily astonished by the quality. It reiterated my faith in the fact that freshest ingredients yield the best food. Something it seems Biryani by kilo follows. I found the biryanis to be really fragrant. They tasted very well. I was indeed having such a flavoursome biryani after a very long time. Most of my recent biryani experiments were a big disappointment. The mutton in the Hyderabadi biryani was well cooked and literally falling off the bone. The long grain basmati rice had the right bite and every spoonful was enjoyable. There were two of us eating and we polished off the entire kilo within no time. The accompanying salan/ gravy was a bit of a let down but not bad from any corner. As for the phirni, it was quite nice to taste and aromatic, though I think that the rice was a tad underdone. Biryani by kilo uses the pre booking concept for their deliveries. What you order today is delivered to you tomorrow. This way, biryani by kilo ensures that your order comes to you at the appointed time. Biryani by kilo, the name itself indicates that they sell by weight and not by portion. I am yet to try their kebabs though my repeat orders for biryani will definitely go to Biryani by Kilo. They currently serve only areas in Gurgaon.

    Location: Sumit Malhotra
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    Date: 24, June '15
    Time: 17:29 PM
  • Biryani By Kilo - Super Biryani - 4/5

    The Biryani Culture in our City is becoming a widespread phenomenon as we speak. And let me assure you it is actually as similar as the Burger Bug smitting us. Don't get me wrong, I certainly mean that in a good way. 
    With western imperialism overtaking us from all angles with the Wendy's and Burger Kings and the Fat Burgers trying to encroach the food segment in the city and trying to make a mark on the palates of the foodies in this city, there is still a loyal Foodie Segment who'd rather have a Dal Makhani Shahi paneer or a handi of Aromatic Biryani rather than having a Cheezy non healthy, Low on  nutritional value Pizza or a Double Whopper. Also the culture of ordering Biryani in house parties is trending too. I have lost count of the number of times I have had house parties where you know people will eat the snacks to their hearts fill and all my hard work in cooking an awesome main course will go in vain. So I have learnt it the hard way and have now tried to stick to a Veg and Chicken Biryani post the cocktail sessions at home with friends and relatives. 
    I had a small house party recently with some close friends and we were looking for ordering from a new place and we remembered having read about the new kid on the block Biryani by Kilo in the paper and with people talking all positive about them we were so excited to order from here. 
    The order was taken and we received an SMS confirmation of the order and another SMS confirmation when the order was despatched from the base kitchen. Wow, I was impressed about how well is the order tracking mechanism. The order arrived well within the promised time frame and not in plastic containers, but in earthen Handi's. 
    It seems that the Biryani is cooked in Dum in the same containers that are used to serve. Another distinguishing USP of Biryani by Kilo is that they give you an earthen Chulla or an Aanch Box with 3 candles and before serving one can light the candles place the Biryani on top for 8-10 minutes and your Biryani is ready to serve. 
    The moment I opened the Lid of the Handi, the  aroma of the Basmati rice mesmerized me. The quality of the rice seemed super and trust me they tasted even better. 
    The Biryani came with a Salan / Gravy and the quantity is sufficient for 3-4 people and the price for a kilo is a steal in both veg and non veg. I loved the fact that the Biryani was not overflowing with oil / Ghee and loved the fried onions on top and that it was not overloaded with spices. The essence and flavour of the meat was intact and let me tell you the ratio of rice to meat was mind boggling. I lost count of the number of Chicken pieces that came out of the handi. 
    The Veg Biryani was great too and I adored the Mutton Galouti with the Ulte Tawe ka Paratha. You know, sometimes Indian food satiates your soul and fills that void better than what a Burger or a Pizza does. 
    The Mutka Phirni was killer. I loved the aroma of Saffron and the nuts in it. One of the best Phirni's I have had in the longest time that I can remember. 
    Guys, my guests were all praises for their Biryani and so was I. I strongly recommend that whenever you are planning to treat your friends or colleagues at work or throwing a house party, call Biryani by Kilo and let your party be a success.
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